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Boston neighborhood near Brookline, Newton and Cambridge.  Home to many students and trendy professionals


Many affordable restaurants and shops.   Afordable rents and home prices.  Great public transportation.  Subway access


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Allston is a neighborhood of Boston and represents the western edge of the city proper.  True to its roots,  Allston remains diverse, ever changing, full of vitality and always interesting.   

Bordering Boston College to the west, Boston University to the east, and Cambridge and Harvard Square to the north, it is in fact surrounded by major universities.  This is why Allston has become somewhat of a student mekka.  But besides the student population, Allston is the home of young professionals as well as a sizeable community of immigrants hailing from places like Eastern Europe, South Asia, and South America. 



 Allston Commonwealth2 350x232 O


 Commonwealth Avenue
Commonwealth Avenue is in many ways the liveline of Allston for pedestrians and public transportation.  Along this road you find shops and restaurants as well as many large brick buildings with student apartments and condos.  Many of these buildings are now being rehabed and and end up as high-end condos for young professionals. If you are a determined walker, you can take Commonwealth and walk right into the center of Boston and the Esplanade, passing by Boston University, Northeastern University and museums of all kind.

Getting Around...Allston GreenLine 350x232 O

Getting around Allston is easy by road or by public transportation with a number of Green Line, Red Line and Bus options.  By road, Allston has easy access to route 2, the Mass Pike, Storrow Drive, and Soldier's Field Road.  Public transportation includes the Red Line at Harvard Square, the Green Line at Packard's Corner or Harvard Avenue and Commonwealth Avenue in "upper Allston", and the 57, 66, 70, 71, and 86 bus connections on North Harvard Street and Western Avenue are about a 2-5 minute walk for everyone.


Allston Apartments 350x232 OWhere to live...

Housing in Allston is very mixed, covering the entire range from simple student apartments to well-kept victorian homes.  Near Commonwealth Avenue,  you will find many brick apartment buildings and condos, many of them newly rehabed. Areas close to Brighton are largely dotted with wooden triple deckers. Lower Allston, consists of mostly 1890–1920s single-family and multi-family Victorian homes as well as some newly developed apartments and condos near the Cambridge border.


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The Village

The Village is the heart of Allston’s student life where things are happening at night and over the weekend.  Nothing is missing here for a student to have a good time, shop or or just hang out with numerous eateries, coffee shops, fun boutiques and dive bars.

HopewellBar350x232 OUpscale Allston..

More recently, Allston has become the home of a number of high-end clothing shops, restaurants and fancy spas. Once primarily a student destination, the area now features some of Boston’s hippest shopping and dining venues.  Part of this trend is an increasing number of professionals that are making Allston their home, finding the eclectic mix and great location irresistible.


Lower AllstonLowerAllstonResidential350x232 O

The area north of the turnpike near the river is often referred to as "Lower Allston" (referring to its lower elevation) and it is much quieter and more residential than the rest of the town. From here it is an easy walk to Allston Village or Harvard Square. Mostly working professionals, and long-term residents live here.

LowerAlstonNewDevelopment350x232 ONew Developments in Lower Allston

There are a number of new and modern apartment buildings in Lower Allston closest to the Cambridge line.  These are very conveniently located for people working in Cambridge or Allston alike.

Harvard University in Allston...HarvardBusinessSchool350x232 O

Harvard University has always had a strong presence in Lower Allston with the Harvard Business School and its footbal stadium located right next to the Charles River and Cambridge.  A new Harvard Science and Engineering complex is being constructed in that same general area in Lower Allston.